Why are we called Rathkenny Stud?

We named the centre Rathkenny Stud after Sarah Gordons (Gordons mum) horse Rathkenny. Sarah sadly passed away after a long battle with MS. 

Rathkenny proved to be a remarkable horse and the combination went on to be members of the Irish Young Rider three-day event teams in 1982 and 1983 and on both occasions won team bronze medals.

In 1984, at the age of just 19, Sarah competed at Burghley and then the Los Angeles Olympic Games, finishing 23rd (all the while still a member of the Wexford Pony Club).

The following year they went to the European Championships at Burghley and also competed at Badminton again. Not content with all that, in 1990 Sarah rode the winner of the Leopardstown Ladies Derby on Tawkin for Denny Cordell.

She also went on to train the Irish Pony European teams on numerous occasions and was much loved by the riders.

Sarah was a remarkable women and Gordons inspiration. We hope that we do her proud in this adventure together.